With well over 15,000 different ways to order one of our pizzas, rest assured knowing we take pride in each and every one of them. With your choice of over 20 toppings and either of our homemade sauces (traditional red or white garlic) you can design your very own favorite or choose the most popular topping in town, our famous Cup N Char pepperoni. Whichever you decide, we will bake your pizza to order on our homemade dough, made fresh every single day.

Now offering a gluten free pizza option as well. More Details!

Specialty Pizza

Caraglio's Specailty Pizza Everyone wants to feel special. We can’t think of a better way than having your very own favorite specialty pizza. From the supreme, to the chicken wing pizza, the pulled pork or steak pizza. The Hawaiian,  garbage and The breakfast pizza. Each one special in its own way, just like you.

And if those don’t do the trick for you try our very own creation the Red Headed Italian. You will be happy you did.
More Details!


Chicken Wings Whether you prefer regular chicken wings, or boneless wings we’ve got you covered. Well really, we’ve got the chicken covered in the sauce of your choice. So choose away from our vast selection. Vast means 10 right?
Each dozen comes with a side of bleu cheese. So don’t forget if you want three sides of bleu cheese to order three dozen wings… or I guess one dozen with two extra sides would work too. Totally up to you! More Details!


Caraglio's Calzone So you love pizza but have always wished you could just look at only the beautiful fresh baked dough? Well we invented this new fangled way to make that happen. We take the dough and fold… ok I know we didn’t invent it and it is not new, but you come up with a more exciting way to describe a calzone! It’s pizza folded over stuffed with your choice of our top quality ingredients. It pretty much sells itself. More Details!

Subs & Wraps

Subs and Wraps Need a break from pizza? WHY? What’s wrong with pizza? That’s right nothing. Ok, sorry we get defensive about pizza around here.

But don’t worry, no matter which sub or wrap your order we will make it with that same amount of pride we take in every pizza. Hot or cold, in a whole wheat wrap or our daily fresh baked bread, whichever way you go, you will never be upset you took a break from pizza. More Details!

Grilled Items

Grilled Items at Caraglio's Yes we hand press our ground round hamburgers. No big deal. But if you want to make a big deal about it we won’t stop you.

Oh, and we have Zweigle’s red and white hot dogs as well. Anyone from Rochester knows when it comes to hot dogs, it doesn’t get better than Zweigle’s. More Details!


Salads Feeling green? Want some veggies with that pizza? Order a nice fresh salad and we’ll top it with lots of good stuff. More Details!

Sloppy Plates

Sloppy / Garbage Plates Choose from burgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, or our new pulled pork sloppy plate. With our homemade meat hot sauce and your choice of sides you will want to order one every day. More Details!


Appetizers From the traditional options like chicken fingers or garlic bread with cheese to the newly popular mac and cheese wedges you will make sure you never forget to order an appetizer again.

Can’t decide on just one, then ask about our Caraglio’s sampler platter. More Details!


Dinners How about a fish fry? Maybe some chicken fingers? Sure! But, be sure to leave room for dessert, you know, like fried dough minis or baked smores!. More Details!


Desserts Yes, we do have some great dinner choices, but who are we kidding we know why you are reading this. You are already dreaming of finishing your delicious dinner from Caraglio’s and are focused on the baked s’mores you absolutely will make room for. Trust us, just like our other dessert choices, they are worth it. More Details!

Caraglio's Menu 2020